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Process log

2021_aug Liljevalchs+, designed by Gert Wingårdh opens to the public. A 2-hour documentary film about the 8-year-long process is shown.
2021_oct Pop-up-arch contacts Liljevalchs about the idea of acting as pop-up host for an international architecture exhibition in Stockholm
2021_nov Pop-up-arch contacts various international architecture platforms to discuss possible exhibitions and exhibition concepts.
2021_dec Pop-up-arch main advisor becomes Aedes in Berlin, with 40 years of history of architecture exhibitions with a social agenda, wide audience.
2022_june Aedes invites to a physical meeting in Berlin together on site to discuss concept and , choice of pop-up exhibition in Stockholm


2022_june The pop-up group + Aedes Belin informs Liljevalchs about "Place". Aedes invites Liljevalchs to the opening in Berlin in August.
2022_sept Liljevalchs and Dorte Mandrup agree to jointly adapt "Place" to Sthlm.
2022_okt Pop-up-arch + SA+ Liljevalchs+ Dorte Mandrup decide to have a close collaboration on the opening and closing events.
2022_dec Programme dialogue continues. A broad communication/crediting, the theme context and the largest possible number of visitors is the target image.
2023_may "Place" Opening dialogue with just under 200 visitors in Liljevalchs. Collaboration partners + local artist discuss "Context".

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