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The culture of architecture - an important issue for shaping society

The debate on civic architecture must never be marginalized or simplified. For democracy to lead to decisions that the future will be proud of, access to contemporary architectural knowledge with inspiring references is absolutely fundamental. Architecture is not about style but about focusing on content and quality. The popular debate about nice or ugly, new or old has polarized and trivialized the contemporary architectural debate. Architecture is one of the fundamental building blocks of society. Knowledge of the content of architecture and what it can achieve needs to be stimulated, also by highlighting more role models. A key is to create more and deeper dialogues on key issues in planning and construction in a respectful international and local exchange of knowledge on how architecture, construction and art processes can be interwoven and strengthen each other.

International architecture exhibitions are popping up locally

What has long been missing here in Stockholm is more architecture exhibitions with an international perspective, referring to important local issues. It is important that these are made accessible and inspiring for the interested public and decision-makers. The pop-up group's ambition is to present international exhibitions that are economically feasible to bring here, to a wider audience.

Engaging exhibition spaces and programs

Digitalization has created a society with an abundance of information. A physical cutting edge exhibition is a tool for learning and a space for meetings, dialogue and debate. Pop-up exhibitions "appear" in already established exhibition arenas or in new locations. The aim is to gain insight into deeper and broader architectural visions, programs, methods, processes and results through contemporary architectural references.

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